Raman Shalupau

I build products for fun and profit. When I'm not working on my own projects, I like helping companies and entrepreneurs with their tech. Been coding backends and apps in JavaScript for the past 7+ years. Best way to contact me is on Twitter.

I just sold emailtopdf.it - Here's what I learned!

I just sold my side-project. So many mistakes were made! If you’re selling your company or a side-gig, you should avoid these blunders. Here are the things I WISH I knew before starting the selling process.

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How I ran 40km over 7 hours to spell out “BUY BITCOIN” on the map

40 km and 7 hours of running and I finally did it!

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What I learned in my 20s

I turned 30 last week. In the weeks leading up to that event I was reflecting on my 20s. I was taking stock of lessons and applying them for my future self. Not taking time to stop and reflect, correct the direction, could easily end up in ruin. As they say: “if you fail to plan, plan to fail”. This article is a self reflection with most memorable lessons I took away from my 20s. I hope you too find them useful. If you have something to add - please do so! Email me or DM me on Twitter. I’d really appreciate your constructive criticism, especially when it’s based on your own experience.

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Expect that things won't work out

Expect that things won’t work out. But do your best work anyway.

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fatal: CRLF would be replaced by LF

Pusheen Coding This is my favorite issue! 😻 Why? Because each time this happens, i rush to Google and my gist.github.com to find where I saved my magic conversion code snippet.

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