Raman Shalupau

I build products for fun and profit. When I'm not working on my own projects, I like helping companies and entrepreneurs with their tech. Been coding backends and apps in JavaScript for the past 7+ years. Best way to contact me is on Twitter.

fatal: CRLF would be replaced by LF

Pusheen Coding This is my favorite issue! 😻 Why? Because each time this happens, i rush to Google and my gist.github.com to find where I saved my magic conversion code snippet.

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How I in-validated a business idea in 3 months with little code, while traveling the world ✈️

In this article I’ll share with you how I validated a fresh idea, by focusing on metrics instead of lines of code; did that in 3 months, instead of 2.5+ years in my previous startup; got accepted in Y Combinator’s Startup School. All while traveling across San Francisco, Singapore and Bali. Buckle up!

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Prediction: Carousell to be acquired by Facebook.

A few years ago I jokingly predicted that Carousell will be more valuable then RedMart (disclaimer, I’m an ex-Redmart employee). Both companies are great and valuable, it’s just I’m very bullish on everything with network effects. That includes cryptocurrencies, yes.

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You dont have to reply, if you ...

Here is an actionable tip, how to get constructive feedback and resurrect customers. A brief explanation of what I’m doing here:

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Going to San Francisco. First timer!

This trip will be special for me. A significant part of childhood and teen years I’ve spent in the US (Maryland, then NYC and Cape Cod). Every summer, since the age of 14 I’d go. That’s where my accent is from (many people wonder) and part of my culture.

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