Raman Shalupau

Pretend to go to the office

I’m starting a new business.

Inspired by Taiwan’s Songshan airport “pretend to go abroad” offer, I’m launching a “pretend to go to the office without actually having a job” business.

You pay $100. The experience will take a full day. You pick what type of company you work for: Delusional startup, slow bank, covid19 clinic, corrupt government… More “office” options are coming soon.

You show up to the office. It’s 7am. You are late. Manager screams at you. You try to get work done. But you are dragged to a 10 people meeting. You spend 30 minutes trying to get zoom audio to work. Then it’s lunch time. You queue 30 minutes for $20 salad because it’s peak hour. Then you back to the office. It’s another meeting. Just an annual summary. Everyone is falling asleep and snoring at that meeting. Meeting ends. You try to get work d… Boss pulls you in to a 1on1 performance review. But then he leaves to an urgent phone call. You are in meeting room alone for 40 minutes…

It’s late. You can see moon though the dirty office windows. Your family calls. You can’t pick up - because you are still in that performance review meeting. It’s 2am. You are finally done. But AC already disabled in whole business tower. Also elevators don’t work. So you need to take stairs. It’s 36th floor. Good luck.

Finally at home. Best $100 you ever spent! Fortunately you don’t have to go in tomorrow. Because you don’t have a job, remember? You tell all your friends about the amazing “office” experience you had. They are jealous…

For another $50 you can call your boss and rage quit your job. You can use the word “f*ck” as much as you want for another $10.

It’s like an escape room, but more immersive, profitable and scalable.

Raising $50m at $1B pre. Who’s in?