You can see live demo here. This theme is inspired by Kiko theme.



Method 1: new master’s repository (The Best)

  1. First fork it.
  2. Change your forked repository name Kiko-plus to USERNAME.github.io where USERNAME is your github username.
  3. Access your new blog via https://username.github.io.
  4. See configuration.

Method 2: gh-pages in existing repository

  1. Create a new branch called gh-pages in the repository where you want to add a template managing branches.
  2. From command line run git clone https://github.com/AWEEKJ/Kiko-plus.git - this will clone Kiko-plus template to your computer.
  3. Create new branch git checkout -b gh-pages where gh-pages will be your branch name.
  4. Add remote, which is your repo from the first step, to your new branch git remote add gh-pages https://github.com/<yourName>/<yourMaster>/gh-pages. yourName is your account name and yourMaster is your repository.
  5. Push new branch to remote git push gh-pages.
  6. Update _config.yml file by changing baseurl: "<branchName>" branchName is your branch name where gh-pages resides. See configuration.

Method 3: Run it locally

  1. Download zip or clone it git clone https://github.com/AWEEKJ/Kiko-plus.
  2. Go inside folder and run jekyll serve or rake preview. This will build a website which you can access https://localhost:4000. You need to have Jekyll installed to do this.


All configuration is done via _config.yml file which you will find in your main repo folder. Change this <something> to yours.


name: <blog-name>
  facebook:         your-id
  twitter:          your-id
  github:           your-id
  linkedin:         your-id
  medium:           your-id
  tumblr:           your-id
  email:            [email protected]
  year:             2017
  name:             Kiko

Google analytics

  id:               "your-id"


  id:               "your-id"


url: "https://<your-name>.github.io"
url: "https://localhost:4000"
baseurl: "/<branch-name>"

Rakefile Usage

# Create new post
$ rake post title="A Title" [date="2015-08-16"] [tags="[tag1, tag2]"] 

# Create new draft post
$ rake draft title="A Title" [date="2015-08-16"] [tags="[tag1, tag2]"]

# Install Jekyll Plugins. Do before running in local.
$ rake geminstall

# Run in Local
$ rake preview


This theme is released under MIT License.