Raman Shalupau

Going to San Francisco. First timer!

This trip will be special for me. A significant part of childhood and teen years I’ve spent in the US (Maryland, then NYC and Cape Cod). Every summer, since the age of 14 I’d go. That’s where my accent is from (many people wonder) and part of my culture.


I haven’t been in the US for the past 5 years. Coming back is thrilling. However, things are different there now. The political situation is so crazy it makes me worry… After opening Twitter over the weekend, I’ve actually started questioning whether my multiple-entry B1/B2 visa, that US Embassy in Kiev happily gave me last week, will let me into the country?! Or will The Republic of San Francisco be happy to have me anyway? :)

Main motivation is to visit Valley. Silicon Valley as an idea, place, destination, somehow got planted in my mind when I was just a kid, way before I got my first computer or even before my first US visit. I remember, it felt like a place where future was invented and where ambitious people gathered. I knew I have to be there some day, yet, kept postponing. End of 2016 I decided that early 2017 is the time.

Excited and worried at the same time.

And therefore, two questions:

  • Whom should I meet in SF? Will be grateful for introductions! (Hit me up on Twitter @ksaitor)

  • Is it a good time to go at all? Should I wait a few weeks/months or will it only get worse?